Back to the Future – Chuck Berry son on accusation Marty McFly appropriated dad | Films | Entertainment

It’s one of the most famous scenes in movie history. Before heading Back to the Future, Marty McFly introduces high school kids of 1955 to rock and roll.

Taking over the guitar of an all-Black band at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, Michael J Fox’s white teenager leads them through Chuck Berry’s Johnny B Goode, which wouldn’t be released until 1958.

During his performance, the band member with an injured hand called Marvin Berry calls up his cousin Chuck telling him: “Y’know that new sound you’ve been looking for? Well, listen to this!”

Interestingly that dialogue has been cut from the new Back to the Future: The Musical and now Berry’s son has shared what he and his father thought of this apparent appropriation of a white kid taking credit for a black artist’s work.

Harry Water Jr told “I was surprised by the movie, because I never got the whole script!

“And then it comes out and they got to my song Earth Angel and I was floored with what they did with it because all of a sudden there’s this huge orchestral support! It was jaw-dropping.

“Then the album went gold, so I was on a gold record! That was totally unexpected. How could anyone even know that was going to happen?!”

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