King Charles and Queen Camilla pictured in ‘dramatic’ moment of ‘fear’ | Royal | News

The Royal Family are known for being stoic and poised in all situations, and are rarely seen visibly flabbergasted, scared or angry.

But the royals are only human after all and of course experience moments of uncontrollable emotion, however atypical this may be for them.

Body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to about the most un-royal moment caught on camera.

She commented: “There are any number of the kind of un-royal moments that prove the family can be as human as the rest of us when it comes to pulling faces; having wardrobe malfunctions, or nodding off at the wrong time but there is one moment captured from royal history that shows the famously stoic and ‘stiff upper lip’ royals have on one occasion at least, let the mask of public bravado slip and show fear in front of the camera.

“It’s the unbroken record of the royals to avoid any signals of fear or weakness that makes this moment so memorable. Charles is a man who has been shot at on stage without any fear response whatsoever and who acts coolly disinterested when being pelted with eggs on a walkabout.

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