LaGuardia Airport among best airports in country after years of bad reputation

After holding the reputation as one of the worst airports in the country, LaGuardia Airport has made a complete turnaround, being awarded the best airport of its size based on a new passenger survey. 

The Airport Service Quality (ASQ) named LaGuardia the “best airport of 25 to 40 million passengers in North America” in 2023.

The recognition marks the success of a multibillion-dollar transformation at the airport in Queens, taking it from worst to best in a matter of five years.

“When we started out on our $8 billion transformation of LaGuardia, few believed we could create the world-class airport our region deserves. But the ASQ award proves that seeing is believing,” Port Authority Executive Director Rick Cotton said in a statement Monday.

“The ASQ award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of not only those who designed and built the new airport, but to those providing exceptional service each and every day,” Chief Executive Officer of LaGuardia Gateway Partners Suzette Noble said.

Delta Air Lines Terminals Ahead Of Earnings Figures
Delta Air Lines signage inside Terminal C at LaGuardia Airport in Queens, N.Y., on June 2, 2023. Angus Mordant / Bloomberg via Getty Images

With the completion of new terminals and airport roadways, 2023 became the first full year all passenger facilities were in use at LaGuardia, according to the Port Authority.

The renovations led to a 20% increase from 2018 survey scores, with overall passenger satisfaction earning a 4.24 out of 5 rating. 

The largest driver behind the jump in passenger satisfaction was the airport’s ambience and facility cleanliness, which increased by 21% and 15%, respectively, over the last five years. Other improved factors included security screening, dining facilities and the comfort of gate areas, the Port Authority stated.

More than 4,200 passengers completed the Airport Service Quality survey at gates in LaGuardia Airport throughout 2023.

“There is no better judge of our new airports than the passengers who use them, which is why the ASQ award for best airport going to LaGuardia is so meaningful,” Port Authority Chairman Kevin O’Toole said.

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