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Classic British noir The Third Man can be yours to rent for under a fiver on both Amazon Prime Video and AppleTV+.

The iconic post-war drama starring Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli and Hollywood legend Orson Welles frequently tops lists of the best films ever made.

Originally released in 1949, British director Carol Reed’s thrilling and dark Vienna romp is a must-see for cinephiles, and it’s easier to find than you might realise.

Set in the shadow of World War II, American pulp author Holly Martins (played by Cotton) heads to the Austrian capital when his old friend Harry Lime (Welles) offers him a job.

However, once there he’s shocked to discover Harry has been killed in an accident, and he enlists the help of his late friend’s girlfriend Anna Schmidt (Valli) to track down a mysterious third man who was supposedly at the scene.

For viewers who don’t want to own The Third Man on DVD or Blu-Ray, the film can be yours to watch for less than £5.

On Prime Video, you can rent to watch it once at any time within 30 days for just £3.49.

Or, you can buy it digitally on the platform to watch as many times as you want for £7.99. Both deals offer pristine HD quality.

Alternatively, AppleTV+ subscribers can also rent the film at the same low price of £3.49.

For users who want to delve deeper into the world of classic cinema, both streaming platforms offer the StudioCanal Presents add-on for £4.99 a month after a seven-day trial.

The platform offers newer titles like Paddington 2, The Shaun the Sheep Movie and Legend as well as a range of older favourites, including Apocalypse Now, The Graduate and The Deer Hunter.

The Third Man is definitely a stand-out on Prime Video and AppleTV+, though, and cinema fans won’t want to miss out.

Holding an impressive 99 percent critics’ score on Rotten Tomatoes (and a 93 percent audience score), it has regularly appeared in Sight and Sound’s list of The Greatest Films of All Time.

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