Black Friday heated airer deal ‘costs pence to run’ and ‘dries clothes in hours’

Winter can be a difficult time for keeping on top of housework, with low temperatures making it difficult to dry laundry.

Black Friday week is here, and it’s a good time to save money on large household purchases which can otherwise be extremely costly.

While Amazon has discounted electric blankets, dehumidifiers and other sought-after items at this time of year, one of the best deals on heated airers is currently at Lakeland.

The Dry:Soon Drying Pod has dropped from £99.99 to £79.99, saving £30 off for Black Friday.

The device has racked up 124 reviews, with mostly four and five-star reviews and has become one of Lakeland’s bestsellers.

Buy: Dry:Soon Drying Pod (£79.99)

While most heated airers have a drying rack design, this one works by circulating hot air around the clothes.

The pod cover helps to keep the heat in for quick and efficient drying, and there’s space for 12 items of clothing to hang, with the hanging design helping to minimise creases too.

Tumble dryers are extremely expensive to run, and using a more energy-efficient device like a heated airer can also help to reduce energy bills over the winter.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the Lakeland drying pod is not the most compact option, and does require some space and ventilation, but for a drying rack-style alternative, the Dunelm Heated Airer with Wings is also cheap to run, efficient and folds away neatly.

Shoppers have been leaving their reviews on the drying pod, with some calling it ‘a great help for winter days’.

Mrs Martin said: ”Into our house the family’s lifesaver came in a smallish cardboard box. As with many families we are trying to keep the use of tumble dryers etc to a minimum. I opened it straight away and by the time all the clan had come home I had dried 10 of the dreaded white shirts and they didn’t even need ironing – amazing! We all love our Pod it saves wet washing everywhere & it costs pence to run. Also it helps heat the room a bit. It is easy to put up & take down, but our pod stays in the corner of the conservatory until needed. We love our Pod – thank you so much Lakeland.”

Mrs Smith commented: ”Amazing bit of equipment not only dries your clothes in 2-3 hours at low cost, it also takes the chill off the room Couldn’t ask for more. Far superior to another brand I tried which was more expensive and I returned as didn’t do what it said on the label!”

Brenda Pateman also added: ”A great help for wet winter days. A little bit bulky but providing you have the room it’s a tremendous help.”

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