Deadpool 3 plot leak – Hugh Jackman Wolverine’s connection to Loki season 2 end | Films | Entertainment

Loki season 2 concluded with the titular immortal finally embracing the burden of his Glorious Purpose.

To save not just the Sacred Timeline, but also its alternate strands, the God of Mischief became the God of Stories, taking He Who Remains’ place and overseeing the timelines.

Meanwhile, the TVA’s focus has moved from purging variants to tracking down Kang variants.

Following some newly announced delays, the next and only MCU movie to release in 2024 will be Deadpool 3.

The Marvel blockbuster starring Ryan Reynolds’s Merc with a Mouth and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, will be the big narrative bridge between Loki season 2 and Avengers Secret Wars in the franchise’s multiverse storytelling.

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