Elvis family slam Priscilla movie’s ‘mean’ portrayal – ‘That’s not the King I knew’ | Films | Entertainment

Danny Smith, Elvis’ cousin who was a childhood playmate of Lisa Marie at Graceland, has released a YouTube video having now seen the Priscilla movie.

His wife began by saying: “It was very sad. It was just kind of a downer movie. It made Elvis out to look like he was really mean and self-centred.”

Danny, the son of Memphis Mafia member Billy Smith, confessed: “I’m glad I didn’t have to pay anything to watch it because I would have been mad as hell and probably upset. Not to beat something to the ground, but it is what it is.”

Danny felt the characters didn’t work with Jacob Elordi’s Elvis being too tall and Cailee Spaeny’s Priscilla being too short, despite this being intentional to depict the power dynamic between the couple. He also thought the recreation of Graceland and its interior “wasn’t even close”.

Elvis’ relative added: “I gave it the fairest shot I could give it. I’ve said it before, Elvis was a human. He was no saint. He was no angel, although a lot of us believe it. He was human. But to downplay him like I think they portrayed him was altogether wrong. That’s not the Elvis Presley I knew.”

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