Exciting news! The Ark animated series is now streaming on Paramount+ with a star-studded voice cast. Check it out now! #ArkSeries #Paramount+

Paramount+, known for the Halo live-action TV series, is now set to release Ark: The Animated Series, based on the popular video game Ark: Survival Evolved. The first six episodes, featuring a star-studded voice cast including Michelle Yeoh and Vin Diesel, premiered on March 21. Part two of the season will launch at a later date on Paramount+.

The adaptation of the Ark game was announced in 2020 and production began before securing a streaming platform. The series follows paleontologist Helena Walker (Madeleine Madden) as she navigates a prehistoric island filled with ancient creatures.

Notable actors like Russell Crowe, Gerard Butler, David Tennant, Jeffrey Wright, and Elliot Page are also part of the cast.

Produced by Lost Continent Entertainment and Lex + Otis, the Ark animated series is helmed by game directors and a team of executive producers. The show is directed by a team of industry professionals and written by Marguerite Bennett and Kendall Deacon Davis.

Paramount+ has been investing in video game adaptations, with the successful release of the Halo TV series and the upcoming Ark series. The streaming platform simply licensed The Ark for release, rather than co-producing the show.

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