Tony Kushner hails Jonathan Glazer’s Oscars speech as ‘unimpeachable, irrefutable’ on current events in the Middle East. #Movies #OscarsSpeech

Playwright and screenwriter Tony Kushner has spoken out in support of director Jonathan Glazer, whose recent speech at the Oscars has sparked controversy. Glazer, while accepting an award for best foreign language film, connected his movie, The Zone of Interest, to current events in the Middle East. Kushner, known for his Pulitzer prize-winning play Angels in America, praised Glazer for rejecting the misappropriation of Jewish identity and history. Glazer’s speech has divided opinion, with some condemning it while others, including filmmakers like Boots Riley and Zoe Kazan, have defended him. The debate surrounding Glazer’s remarks continues, with supporters and critics alike weighing in on the matter.

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